So HOW Do You Break Free From Emotional Eating? 

It's not by willpower, rigidity, or discipline. 

Or by "making yourself" take a bubble bath instead of eating ice cream.

To stop emotional eating, we have to learn how to LET GO of food as our comfort, our safety, and our security.

We do it through a curious and gentle approach...

...through learning the art of coping with life (stress, overwhelm, lonliness, boredom, etc) WITHOUT turning to food. 

"That's nice," you're thinking. "But HOW do I actually do that?!"

This brand new challenge is meant to teach you that HOW.  

This ISN'T Your Typical Challenge

You grew up learning to deal with life by turning to food.

In this challenge, you'll UNLEARN that habit and replace it with something else.

You'll UNLEARN the automatic pattern of turning to dessert when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, lonely or bored.

You'll UNLEARN associating shame & failure with overeating (and cultivate a totally different way of looking at it!) 

You'll UNLEARN all you ever thought about emotions (including losing the fear of actually feeling them!)  

And what will you learn instead? 

You'll learn the real reasons why you eat (this is KEY to create lasting change!)

You'll learn how to actually FEEL (including specific tools and my 3 step process to let an emotion go).

You'll learn to stop eating as a solution to your problems when life throws a curve ball (and life always throws curve balls!)

You'll learn the art of coping with life, so you confidently know you can handle anything without eating.

You're About To... 

I'm ready to join the challenge for just $67!

The challenge has 3 parts: 

Part One

Focusing on what your triggers are so you can break the "trigger-emotion-eat-start over" cycle! (Learn a new method to approach triggers and let go of failure.)

Part Two

Why dealing with feelings isn't about willpower or force (This is a new way of looking at emotions that will change your life!)

Part Three

Exploring HOW to actual feel (how to get over the fear of emotional intensity, a 3 step process to let go, exactly what I do to move through an emotion, and other coping tools!)


Guided meditations and journal reflections, a group coaching call recording & more surprises along the way!

How Does It Work? 

"Jenn is the answer to my prayers."

I almost gave up hope that I'd be stuck with these food issues forever. Then I stumbled across Jenn's blog and my world changed forever.

Stef H, New Zealand

I deeply understand the angst and utter frustration of eating over every single emotion.  

 "I deeply understand the shame, the sense of failure, and the desperate frustration of "knowing" what to do (not eat!), but eating over every emotion anyway. For 13 years, I ate when stressed, bored, overwhelmed, lonely, sad, happy, and everything in between.

And now? Now I've learned the art of coping with life and I help women from all over the world stop overeating, find freedom from this battle and learn how to accept their bodies. And more than anything? I want that same thing for YOU, too."

Does This Sound Familiar? 

✔️ You feel like if you don't control your food & emotions, you'll end up gaining weight & spiraling out of control 

✔️ You're just plain exhausted from the "trying" (trying to deal with emotions & figure out HOW to actually feel something (so you don't eat over it!)

✔️You swear you KNOW what to do (don't eat because then you hate yourself after!), but actually being able to STOP turning to cookies & candy for comfort feels impossible.

✔️You can maybe handle one emotion (or you have a day where it "sticks"), but can't seem to not emotionally eat long term (which makes you feel like a failure)

Join The "Let Go of Emotional Eating" Challenge!

✔️This is a self-paced challenge

✔️10 lessons, practices, and exercises (a variety of different types of media) will be delivered to your inbox when you enroll

✔️Actionable practices to walk you step-by-step towards letting go of emotional eating

✔️BONUSES: a group coaching call, meditation exercises and more! 

**Unfortunately, there are no refunds for this challenge. These challenges are chocked full of value for an incredibly low price, so please be sure you want to commit before you sign up!