Learning how to be with yourself—and to fill the void without food—is one of the bravest and best things you will ever do.

  • Do you feel a deep disconnection with your body?
  • Has food become your source of comfort?
  • Do you sense an underlying emptiness inside?
  • Is there a general sense of unhappiness, even though you "shouldn't" be (since your life is fine)?
  • Do you ever feel an "angst" and you can't quite pinpoint why?
  • Does busy-ness become a distraction from other things?
  • Do you often turn to something external to find happiness?
  • Do you use food to "fill yourself up" (because you don't know where else to turn)?

Food used to be the only thing I could "depend on" to fill me

It was my go-to coping mechanism when I had to deal with anything.

Food was comforting, dependable, and soothing.

I used food to disguise the face that I had a deep emptiness inside of me: even though I had it "all", I wasn't happy.  

After years of stuffing my face instead of facing my life, food began to lose its appeal.

It was then that I realized how really afraid I was.

 I was afraid to risk opening my heart to a new man after my relationship ended.

 I was afraid of letting anyone see my weaknesses and terrified of vulnerability.

 I was afraid of letting people see who I really was, because I’d spent so much time going along to get along.

 I was afraid of the “me” that was buried underneath all of these feelings I never expressed.

 I was afraid the emptiness within was so deep it would never end.

 And so food became my way out of being afraid.

When I began learning the art of "filling the void", everything changed.

I learned how to feel content from the inside out.

I learned how to express my feelings.

I learned how to let someone into my heart.

I learned how to be vulnerable, to say no to things I didn't want to do.

I learned how to be happy.

I learned how to LIKE who I am.

And most importantly, I learned that I could be alone with myself without turning to food.

Learning how to be with yourself—and to fill the void without food—is one of the bravest and best things you will ever do for yourself.


Because it impacts everything else in your life.

When you feel connected to yourself and don't need food to fill a void, everything changes.

The way you move through your day changes.

Your relationship with your partner, kids, family and friends changes. 

You eat more intuitively, you speak more of your truth, you don't NEED food the way you used to.

When you learn how to be with the most important person in your life—YOU, everything changes.

You get to know yourself, like yourself and trust yourself.

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to be a Buddhist monk sitting in a cave for a decade to learn how to fill the void without food.

This moth long exploration will give you tools, exercises and practices to help you learn how to do this.

We can spend our lives endlessly searching outside of ourselves for the key to happiness and peace--trying to fill ourselves up.

But this contentment and connection is actually within you—and I’ll help you find it.

How It Works

This month long exploration with feature 4 weekly themes. It is a gentle journey into you—to learn how to fill yourself up without food (or busyness, your phone, other distractions, etc)

You’ll receive weekly emails from the day you enroll. Each email will contain a short essay,  a workbook for the week, and a downloadable MP3 audio.

You will get a follow up email each week with some other fun, explorative exercises to support you in this journey.

Weekly Themes


Befriending Yourself (How to Be Alone without Eating)

  • Being busy as a distraction
  • The sacredness of you
  • Bringing stillness into stressful/emotional situations
  • Facing the fear of being alone


Getting in Touch with your Creative Self

  • Ways to help you express yourself
  • An exploration of vulnerability
  • Nurturing your connection with you (and what that actually means)
  • Overcoming the desire to be "busy" and eat as a coping mechanism


What Actually Makes You Happy?

  • Exploring preferences, desires, passions, likes and dislikes
  • What fills you up?
  • Discovering what delights you and brings you joy
  • Uncovering "what else" besides food


A Conversation with Your Inner Wisdom

  • How to begin a conversation with your soul
  • The inner rebel—break free from following the rules, the societal expectations and who you think you’re “supposed” to be
  • Learning to hear your intuition

What You'll Takeaway from the "How to Fill the Void without Food" Exploration:

A New Relationship with Yourself

  • Discover how to move through discomfort without food
  • Tap into what YOU really want
  • Discover what delights you & brings you joy
  • Learn how to support yourself (without food) when life gets hard


  • Receive tips and exercises to practice filling the void (without eating!)
  • Receive bonus meditations and inspiration
  • You'll get to hear the recording of our live group coaching session as an added resoruce

Confidence In How to Fill the Void

  • Experience more calm and presence in your day
  • Feel more confidence that you can enjoy being with yourself
  • Learn how to deal with fear of emotions that arises
  • A toolbox of practices to take with you

Your Exploration Begins Now...

Join the Month Long Exploration

  • Weekly email lessons, workbook, and themes
  • Downloadable audios
  • Weekly practices & exercises
  • Group coaching call recording


Yes, I Want In! 


How does this work? What do I need?

As soon as you join, you’ll receive weekly email lessons. Each email will contain a short essay on the week’s theme,  a workbook for the week, and a downloadable MP3 audio. You will get a follow up email each week with some other fun, explorative exercises to dive in to!

All you’ll need is a journal (or a printer to print the workbook) and a pen, plus the commitment to find 2 hours a week to dive in to the material. Some may take more, others will take less, depending on how much you want to spend reflecting, journaling and experimenting with the exercises.

What if I'm afraid of seeing what is underneath and inside "without" food?

Part of our fear of filling the void without food is what might happen when we’re “in” it—what if I feel intense emotions? What if I can’t control myself? What do I do if I’m bored? What if my anxiety is too strong? What if I don’t know HOW to be with myself?

I’m inviting you along on this exploration to spend a few hours each week—I’ll give you something to “do” so you can move through any discomfort.  Plus, I'll be here to support you along the way :)  

Can I connect to others during this exploration?

There will be no Facebook group for this session - instead I'll invite you to spend this time off social media, intimately being with yourself. You will get the group coaching call recording from the live exploration to hear insights and reflections from others who have gone through the exploration.

What can I expect to get out of this?

I’m hoping that what you discover in this exploration is a renewed sense of being comfortable with yourself. Learning how to be alone with YOU (including with emotions, when life gets hard, when you don't "like" something, etc) is one of the keys to letting go of eating.

This exploration will help you do just that :)

Join us?

"Jenn is truly a master at getting to the root of what's REALLY going on. I've done every diet and program under the sun. I've yet to find ANYONE who gets it like she does. She's real, she gives useful advice, and every one of her courses/challenges is like a nourishing cup of tea for your soul. If you're doubtful anything will "ever work", this is the place you need to be. Jenn's stuff works. Get your hands on whatever she is offering ASAP!"

-Tanya W, Utah