• Do you secretly (or not so secretly) want to feel freedom around food AND lose weight?
  • Have you been on this path but feel stuck as to how to approach weight (given that you don’t want to diet to get "results")?
  • Do you want to eat normally AND be at a comfortable weight?
  • Have you tried to lose weight, been successful, but don’t know how else to do it without dieting?
  • Do you feel like you have no idea how to care about weight loss but not be so caught up in it that you’re obsessed?  
  • Do you yearn to be at a comfortable weight without having to restrict or cut out certain foods to get there?

Here's What Most People Don't Understand

The way to our natural weight is not what we're taught.

How do you lose weight & keep it off for the long haul?

Really…think about it.

What is the way to shed pounds?

Here’s what we think we know about losing weight:

  • Eat less
  • Cut out carbs
  • Don’t eat sugar
  • Exercise more
  • Do Keto, Intermittent Fasting or (fill in the blank)
  • Eat the “good foods”

And now let’s ask the more important question…

Do these things work long term?

Can we sustain these habits so that the weight loss is forever?

A big resounding NO.

The weight loss formula we were taught is broken. 

The “eat less + cut out carbs and sugar + exercise more = lasting weight loss” equation is not working.

Did you know that in 2023, the global market spent $256 billion dollars on weight loss?

If our weight loss formula worked, we wouldn't be raging the battle against weight and food like we do today.

We need a drastically different approach to weight loss.

One that dives into the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles that keep us stuck in our desire to be at a comfortable weight.

Welcome to Holistic Weight Loss: Unlocking the Key to Your Body's Natural Weight.

I was referred to Jenn through my Doctor and I was truly hesitant.  I had never really talked about my eating with anyone, let alone a complete stranger.  I stalked her for a while, watched a couple of videos and then made the bold decision to reach out.  I can't even begin to tell you how much she has changed my life.  Her coaching calls were like talking to a friend, they were easy, encouraging and completely stress free.  After my time with her ended, I found myself missing our talks, her supportive energy and sense of humor. So then I subscribed to her podcast and bought her book.   This path is not easy, it's a journey with peaks and valleys but Jenn is definitely the person you want by your side!

— Aimee C.

Being at a Comfortable Weight IS Honoring Your Body

Over the past few years, women have asked me about weight loss.


“Yes,” they say. “I do want to stop the mental battle with food. I want to stop obsessing over it, thinking about it and I want to stop bingeing. Yes, I do want to feel free…”


And then sheepishly, almost ashamed of their desire, they then say…


“But I also want to lose weight”.


It’s a complicated equation: find food freedom + a natural weight.

  • You want weight loss AND food freedom
  • You want to stop dieting AND be at a weight that's comfortable
  • You want to eat normally AND feel confident in your clothes
  • You want to love the skin you're in AND not have to cut out foods to get there
Introducing (finally!) the first program to bring weight loss into the intuitive eating equation. 


An Overview of Holistic Weight Loss: Unlocking the Key to Your Body's Natural Weight

Welcome to the inaugural program--the non-diet approach to returning to a comfortable weight naturally--no counting or obsessing required!


Usually the physical is what we think of when we think of "trying to lose weight". But we are flipping the script on the typical conversation so you'll learn exactly what to eat to feel free and put your body on the path towards a natural weight, how to approach carbs & sugar, what to eat portion wise and what to actually focus on so that you aren't on a diet.


Our brains are programmed according to what we learned about weight in the diet world. We are going to challenge the rules that keep us stuck, learn the right balance of "good" and "bad" foods, and break through all of the subconscious blocks that impact our food choices so you'll feel confident in how exactly to approach food choices.


Did you know that unprocessed emotions can actually get "stuck" in our bodies and cause our weight to be stuck as well? We will dive into the emotional components of releasing weight: processing stress (stress hormones impact weight loss), allowing emotions to move through quickly, and learning to "be" where you are (which unlocks the key to your weight changing!)


What does THIS have to do with releasing weight? Everything! From self-sabotage to limiting beliefs, from fear of body attention to fear of who you'll be if you aren't gaining/losing weight...we are busting through all of the hidden things that keep your weight stuck. We are going to reframe the subconscious fears that block the release of weight.

The Weekly Content


Your Physical Body

  • The first thing to focus on so you cut through the "where to start" overwhelm
  • The 3 non-diet guidelines for eating to give structure AND freedom
  • The 4 steps on how to decide what to you eat when you aren't dieting
  • How to approach carbs so that you know exactly what to pick at a restaurant, gathering or dinner
  • 3 ways to handle sugar even if you feel addicted
  • Portions: how to know what is enough so you're eating the "right" amount for your body


The Mind & Its Influence Over Weight

  • 4 step process to navigate eating what you “should” eat vs what you want to eat (so you feel "free" AND healthy)
  • The one mental reframe that helps you not to "backslide" (so you never fall "off" the wagon)
  • How to break out of the “eat good all day & overeat at night” pattern so that you feel confident you won't "blow it"
  • How to measure “success” without obsessing over the number, which is key to allowing your body to release weight
  • “Good” food vs “bad” food: how to find the balance so you know what to do when a craving hits


Letting Go of Emotions to Let Go of Weight

  • The 4 big ways we “use” food emotionally & how to not eat over them
  • How to allow for progress even if you hate your current weight
  • How to feel free with food AND focus on releasing weight
  • Limiting beliefs: where they show up & how to reframe them (so your subconscious mind doesn't block your progress!)
  • The stress factor: how to calm the stress hormones so you put your body in a state to release weight


The Spiritual Side of Weight Loss

  • Where are you self-sabotaging & blocking your progress? (And how to fix it!)
  • Why forgiveness is key to let go of shame and blame around your body
  • Busting through the fear of who you are without a 'weight' issue (since this is the #1 block that keeps people stuck)
  • How to allow yourself to have it "all" (a comfortable weight, a happy career, a content life)
  • Why we subconsciously hold on to excess weight (so you can catch this block before it gets you stuck!)

I've done every diet, read every book, signed up for every program. I stumbled upon Jenn online but at that point, had turned into a skeptic. Nothing had actually worked for me. The more I read Jenn's blog and listened to her podcast, the more I realized "wow, this lady can actually help me"! I've done Jenn's courses and challenges, and each one helps me more than the last. Without even focusing too much on weight, I've gone down a size. It happened...well naturally. Without obsessing over it. Jenn's approach is a diamond in the rough--she's real, knows her sh*t and she has an answer to any question I've ever been stuck on. My recommendation? Buy whatever she is offering and your life will be forever changed."

— Carla W.

The Details

Welcome to the program:

Holistic Weight Loss--Unlocking the Key to Your Body’s Natural Weight!


This is a self-paced course!


You'll receive all the lessons at once as soon as you enroll.

Each training is video lesson (ranging from 40 min to 60 min. and has an accompanying workbook with detailed instructions about what to focus on and “do” each week.


You'll also get the coaching recording from the group when I ran this live.

Optional--you can send me your weekly food journals so I can explore with you how you're eating, what's working/not working, etc (**no judgement, only curiosity!)

You'll have lifetime access to the material.

What You Get

You'll get four video lessons with workbooks created to walk you through your holistic weight loss journey, empowering you to feel food freedom during the process and sharing all I’ve learned about viewing weight in a different way.


  • Tips on how to actually eat in a way that supports your body (without dieting)
  • Mindset shifts that reframe rules and limiting beliefs to help you move forward
  • The beliefs to develop that will support you in overcoming self-sabotage
  • The how to’s of shifting patterns that are keeping your weight stuck
  • Building momentum and “success”
  • Troubleshooting if you “backslide”
  • Access to my guidance, support and lived lessons as you navigate your journey

Plus These Bonuses!

Value: $1359 (!)

60 Minutes to Easy Meal Planning without Dieting

Do you feel lost as to what to eat and how much to plan? Use this cheat sheet to plan exactly what to eat. (Value $97)

7 Step Checklist For When Your Weight Feels Stuck

Use this checklist to pinpoint exactly where you're stuck and what to do to move forward. (Value $167)

How to Move Through an Emotion in 90 Seconds or Less (without Eating)

You'll get this bonus audio that walks you through exactly how to move through an emotion (so you don't turn to food). (Value $77)

The Blueprint: 10 Things To Help You Not Eat at Night

Overeating at night can be a stuck point, so use this blueprint to stop night eating in it's tracks! (Value $119)

Hi! I'm Jenn.

Helping women like you is my passion. I'm a Nationally Board Certified Health Coach, trained at Duke University Integrative Medicine and also a certified Holistic Nutritionist. With over 5000+ hours of coaching experience, I've worked with thousands of individuals in my 7+ years of nutrition and coaching work.

I spent 13 years trapped in the diet prison, obsessing over food, bingeing weekly and hating my body. Now that I've found true freedom for myself, it is my life's work to help others do the same! Check out more at www.jennhand.com.

It's been ingrained in me on this intuitive eating path not to talk about weight. Well I'm going to talk about it anyway. Working with Jenn helped me to lose 25 pounds---without a diet in sight. But the REAL win? I don't obsess over food, I almost completely stopped bingeing, and I feel free for the first time in my life. Jenn is the real deal!

— Marilyn S.


Is this a weight loss program?

If you're familiar with my work, you know I take a different approach. In the Intuitive Eating world, we are encouraged to not "want" weight loss. But typically, when we diet, we do so because we want to lose weight. So this program brings the weight conversation INTO the world of "how to be a normal eater". It'll teach you the things that block the release of weight and how to overcome them.

What if I've already tried everything to lose weight?

Most of the things we try to lose weight involve the physical--we follow a food plan to "get" a result. We get to the end and think "well, now what?!". This integrates ALL parts of the releasing of weight--physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We will look at the subconscious mind that blocks progress.

Is this program suited for vegetarian/vegan style of eating?

Yes, indeed. This will apply to any preference you already have around food and/or food allergies/sensitivities. The way of eating I teach allows room for making it unique to you :)

Will this require a lot of work?

I remember asking my therapist to "tell me what to eat so I can lose weight and get over this thing". I told her I didn't want to think about food anymore. She said to me... "I'm going to ask you to think about food but in a different way--the way of being aware of patterns and habits so you can shift out of them to what better serves you."

This program requires awareness--not work. Yes, you will take a look at your food. I'll ask you to food journal (not in a diet-y way, but to pay more attention). We will look at what is in your mind or emotions that may be blocking your desire (self-sabotage, fear, etc).

Is there a return policy?

There is a Love it or Leave it Guarantee! See the end of this page for all of the details :)
**this only applies if I run it live. Since you get access to all of the content immediately for the self-paced program, there are no refunds.

Can you guarantee specific "results"?

No one can guarantee weight loss. Why? Because here is the short list of all the things that impact weight: metabolism, genetics, stress, hormones, imbalances, seasons, exercise, and of course, food. No one can control the exact outcome. That being said, these are the exact principles, concepts and strategies I've used that I'll share in this program. However, as I have no way of knowing what you will do with this content, I can't guarantee a specific result.

Will this feel diet-y?

Nope :) There will be no cutting out, no weighing and measuring, and no counting. I will suggest guidance on keeping a food journal (with different approaches if it sounds too "diet-y") to be able to see patterns and where your stuck points are. That is optional.

You will get guidance on "how" to eat, as most people who come from the diet world need a little bit of structure and focus instead of the "listen to your body" guidance.

How is this different from your other programs?

I've had so many people ask me over the years about weight. I've never wanted to "go there", as I wasn't sure how to combine the two (food freedom and weight loss). Lately, I wanted to do an offering to integrate the two and this is the first time I'm teaching on releasing weight in this world of normal eating.

So it will be different from all of my other challenges, courses and materials as it's the first time we are addressing what so many people have been asking me about!

Other questions? Email me at info@jennhand.com

The "Holistic Weight Loss" program is a self-paced program.

$297 $197

(Plus bonuses valuing $1359!)

Yes, I Am In!

***Since I am a board certified health coach, I am now able to accept HSA/FSA cards from those in the US. Questions on this? Email me at info@jennhand.com

Love it or Leave it Guarantee:

Here's the thing. Most of us have been burned by the weight loss/diet industry. We buy something, we try it out, we "fail" and we begin to mistrust anyone offering us anything, thinking nothing will "work".

I get that. I was the same way. I spent over $20,000 over the years on anything that promised weight loss. (Yes, you read that right) So here's what I'm asking...I'm not asking you to decide yes or no today, I'm asking you to make a fully informed decision.

The way to do that? On the inside. So you get on the "inside" (start with us on January 10th) and see if I deliver the value and guidance I said I was going to. THEN you can make a fully informed decision that this isn't for you.

But the same way you need to see the inside of a house before you know whether or not it's for you, you can't make the decision right now without being IN the material.

So if it's September 5th at 8:00am or the day our 5 weeks together ends--if you aren't happy with what I offer, you can email me anytime in that window (at info@jennhand.com) and simply ask for a refund.

Why can I make this guarantee? Because I am so confident in the way I approach weight loss and that my material is the real deal--that I'm confident when you sign up you're getting exactly what you need to release your body to her natural weight.

Jenn has changed my entire life with her unique approach to food and weight. I've honestly done everything. I almost gave up and resigned myself to a life struggling with my every changing (gain/lose) weight. Jenn's advice and guidance helped me change the way I eat and how I relate to food (and yes, I did end up shedding pounds in the process...but the best part is that I didn't obsess over it!). If you're a skeptic (and maybe a bit cynical that anything can help) like I was, do yourself a favor: try her out anyway. You will be blown away.

— Joanie N.