Ready to be one of those "normal" people around food?

Forget about 10-day cleanses, rule-riddled diets, cutting out carbs and all those torturous no-sugar resolutions...

I've got something a LOT more fun: the 5-day "How To Be A Normal Eater" challenge! (Starts May 11th!)

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Wanna learn how to stop eating when there's still food on your plate, how to pass over a cookie because (*gasp) you just don't want it, how to eat foods you love (without spiraling out of control) and how to spend your day on something OTHER than thinking about food 24/7?

**Challenge begins Wednesday, May 11th!

“Jenn is seriously a light worker! I haven't been this happy in my life, and I have never had so much clarity and joy. I've lost 2lbs in the month I started working with Jenn - and I have had wine, pizza, chocolate and cheese. I'm loving her method and loving my life”

Orsi, Caymen Islands