Are you a smart, driven, successful person struggling with this one TEENY food & weight issue?

Maybe you’ve been on every diet, tortured yourself through a million weight loss programs, and desperately bought anything that promised a "solution".

But that turning point of REAL change has eluded you.

Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?


The book that will change your life. 

It'll take your journey deeper than you have ever gone before. 

It not only gives you a 4-part path to follow but also shows real stories and anecdotes to illustrate what this looks like in daily life. 

Each bonus package offers you the chance to go deeper & shows you how to: 

  • make "good" choices
  • balance cravings with what's "healthy"
  • 6 ways to prevent a binge
  • let go of "shoulds" and food guilt
  • find peace, clarity and simplicity around food

You want to give up dieting for good, but don't know the "how"?

Well, THIS is the how 😉

"Want to let go of obsessing over your food and body 24/7? Then this book will change the way you see your body, how you eat, and your relationship with food--forever."

-Paulina R.

"Voted: Most Likely To Eat a Second Lunch"

This Journey Is Hard. Really Hard.

But you already know that. 

Here's the thing I also want you to know: this is the path less travelled.  

Going on a diet, starting a new program, trying to lose weight, fixating on your food… THAT is the easier way.  

But this path? 

  • It requires determination so deep that you keep going
  • It commands unending courage to look at the "stuff" beyond the food. 
  • It demands facing emotions & truths that can be hard to swallow at times. 

But the payoff to this path?  

It IS the way to lasting change. No more bingeing, no more dieting, no more spending your life obsessing over food.  

Because when you change from the inside out, the “results” last forever.  

"But I've Tried Everything And Nothing Has Worked."

I probably uttered those words 678 times over the years.  

But the truth is: that’s the diet mentality talking. There is not a one-and-done "fix" to years spent in the diet & overeating cycle. 

So let's redefine what "it worked" means. 

  • It's asking for help when you used to stuff your face over stress.
  • It's moving through sadness when before you'd eat 6 bowls of ice cream. 
  • It's realizing you went 3 days without bingeing when you used to do it daily. 
  • It's being able to get dressed in an outfit for work and feel comfortable in your skin. 

These happen bit by bit, step by small step. It's not a glamourous "result" that happens in one fell swoop. 

It's waking up one day to realize you didn't binge in a week, your life doesn't revolve around food, and you don't start over every Monday with a new diet. 

So how do you get there? 

If I Told You There Was A 'Proven' Plan, Would You Follow It? 

  • Well, this is kind of a trick question 😉
  • Yes, this book outlines a plan: a step-by-step guide that takes you through all 4 aspects of "change": physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  
  • But within the steps, there’s an important component: this book teaches you the way to listen to yourself.  
  • At the end of the book, I want you to hear YOUR wisdom, YOUR hunger & fullness, YOUR body's signals. 
  • After all, the way out of this mess is to 1) learn how to hear what works for YOU and then 2) have the courage to listen. 
  • I'll show you how to do both 😉 

So Who's Behind This Book?

Hi! I'm Jenn Hand and what I know deep in every bone of my body is this: the constant struggle battling your weight, your body, and your eating is a reflection of your soul desperately trying to get your attention.

It’s whispering to you to give up the fight.  

Because freedom from this endless, exhausting battle is your natural state… a state where you feel at ease in your skin, sane around food, and comfortable at your natural weight. 

Don't think it's possible for you? Grab the book (and the Essential or Complete Package!) There's a 30 day money back guarentee with your purchase. Because I KNOW it's possible for you!

"Jenn has a knack for sifting through all of the confusing 'shoulds' and 'supposed-to's' around food, and breaking them down into bite-size actionable advice. This is a must-read for anyone struggling with dieting, binge eating, and emotional eating."

-Marie H, Hoboken, New Jersey

"No matter how many diet programs you've done, books you've read, or "solutions" you've purchased, go buy this immediately. This is a refreshing, authentic book with real stories. I feel like a changed woman after having read this."

-Debra A, Dallas, Texas

Finally! A Way To Normal Eating

(Choose Your Own Adventure Style)

*Free shipping of your book included

*Free shipping of your book included

Resources Included In The Packages:

Paperback Book

Each package includes your own paperback book delivered to your doorstep. Filled with 160+ pages of stories, action steps, tips and tools!

*Included in all packages. Free shipping with Essential & Complete Package

Book Bonus Workbook

In this bonus workbook, you'll find sample meal & snack ideas, a "30 Ways To Soothe Yourself without Food" checklist, and an "I Am Enough" poster. 

*Included in all packages

E-book (PDF Version)

Are you an instant gratification type of person? Then the e-book option is for you! You'll get the e-book PDF version to read immediately. 

*Included in Essential & Complete Package

6 Ways To Prevent A Binge 

Want to learn the 6 things you need to be doing to prevent overeating and bingeing? A must-have workshop if you can't seem to stop bingeing. 

*Included in Essential & Complete Package

6 Ways to Prevent a Binge (Guide)

Go deeper and apply the 6 strategies in your daily life. Complete questions & guided reflections to help you pinpoint your binge triggers and how you can stop bingeing for good!

*Essential & Complete Package

Video Lessons

Want a behind-the-scenes look at how I make food decisions, & how I balance "health" without dieting? I reveal my entire food process & let you in on the "secrets" of how to balance mind & body hunger. You'll discover how to deal with cravings, let go of guilt & "shoulds", and find your normal!  

*Complete package

How To Make "Good" Food Choices (Without Dieting)

What do you do when you don't know what to eat, can't decide or get stuck? These video lessons will show you how so you spend less time thinking, analyzing & obsessing over what to eat!

*Complete package 

How To Decide What To Eat

How do you actually decide what to eat during the day, on weekends, and at restaurants? Learn how to ask yourself the right questions to arrive at a food choice that is satisfying yet healthy!

*Complete package 

As Seen In:

"I Already Know What To Do, I Just Can't Seem To Make It Stick."

If the "solution" were easy, 75% of our society wouldn't desperately battle our bodies the way we do.

I hated to admit that I couldn't figure it out on my own (after all, I was smart and capable, wasn't I?!)

But we all need help, support and accountability. It takes a village to help us change (because we're going against the grain of society..aka dieting!)

It's okay that you don't know. That's exactly why I wrote the book and created the extra materials. 

Step by step, you'll learn how to:

  • eat what will make you feel good, rather than what simply “tastes” good 
  • stop comparing yourself to others 
  • let go of food guilt and body shame 
  • get out of the feel bad->binge->feel disappointed -->eat->swear to start over cycle  
  • not let food control your life 
  • let go of “what you should eat” 
  • spend energy on something else besides food/weight  


Which package should I buy? 

It depends on your budget! Obviously the "Complete Package" is the best, but each package stands alone as a great resource. The book itself has 160+ pages of lessons, actionable tips, and stories that will help you move forward on its own. 

Where can I learn more about you? 

I have hundreds of blog posts, podcast episodes, videos, and free resources on my site ( Check it out to get a sense of my style, methods and beliefs about normal eating! 

What if I hate what I buy? 

Well, hate is a strong word...but if you truly don't like it, I don't want your money. (I like happy customers!) I can't refund your paperback book, but reply to your purchase receipt within 30 days and I'll refund the rest. 

How long will it take to get my book with the Essential & Complete package? 

It will take 2-4 days for the book to be delivered to your doorstep! (It depends on your country. US is 2-3, UK is 2-3, others are up to 4). Free shipping is included with these options.

What if I have other questions? 

If you do have other questions, please feel free to contact me here.

If I order the Essential or Complete Package, what can I expect? 

You'll get immediate access to everything that's promised. You'll also get an email delivering your materials to your inbox. The book will be delivered ASAP. Expect to see even deeper changes with these materials. 

Choose Your Package

The Basic Edition:

"It's such a relief to know that someone has been through these "food issues" and understands. I was skeptical at first--is this just another diet in diguise? Would this actually work? But Jenn's approach is different. She's straight forward but down to earth. She's real and authentic; her work has changed my life completely."

-Gemma B, Manchester, England

One Last Note:

If you are tired of...

  • thinking “if I only had more willpower I could lose some weight” 
  • trying to lose weight and it not working 
  • swearing "I’ll start again on Monday" 
  • feeling like a failure & hating your body
  • spending all day in your head battling what you're supposed to eat
  • promising not to binge & then doing it anyway
  • not fitting into your clothes  

...and you just want to eat normally with no stress, no counting points, and no thinking about it 24/7? 

Then this is exactly what you've been looking for. Get the book and extra resources today!